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Custom Created Products!

We would be happy to work with you to have exclusive products created from your one-of-a-kind commissioned artwork! There are many products to choose from on the Zazzle site.

After your commission is complete, the portrait image will be uploaded onto Zazzle for you to legally use (through Zazzle) to make many types of custom products. OR you can pick out a product you like, and we will create that product for you!

©Artist, Linda Costello Hinchey’s art is copyrighted. L. Costello Hinchey retains intellectual property ownership and all rights of all her art and commissioned art. L. Costello Hinchey has exclusive rights to reproduce artwork and produce products for commissioned artwork. It is unlawful for BUYER or anyone else to reproduce or make products from copyrighted art.© L. Costello Hinchey retains the right to use all her art images for promotional, marketing, social media, etc. 

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